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A tropical paradise with pristine beaches, excellent swimming, camping, beach fun & diving

Trips range from 10 days, till you want to leave. It takes 1.5 days to get there and 1 full day to get home, by luxury bus and Express (Mini Bus) from Inhambane to Maputo (on the way back only, in order to be in time to connect up with the bus back to JHB). If the trip is extended or shortened, alternative transport can be arranged. Sleep over in Maputo on route up. In Maputo and Inhambane you stay in a backpackers Inn in Barra, at the Ponta da Barra campsite, where tents etc. shall be provided.
And please, Maputo is fine and safe where you are staying, like anywhere in the world, there are places to go and not to go (try JHB).

Go to website for more info: www.inhambane.co.za


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